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14c wiggle match dating

Where multiple dates were run on the same short-lived sample, we used the weighted average (R_Combine in Ox Cal) but added an additional 8 ). Where there is an internal sequence within the site Phase from archeological investigation, we also considered models incorporating these known archeological Sequences within the relevant site Phases (figs.

Otherwise, an assumed refined chronology for the late prehistoric period has been based on the initial appearance and then the abundance of types of European trade goods (for example, presence/absence of types of metals and presence/absence of types of glass beads).

de Champlain in 1615–1616 CE, yields a compatible radiocarbon-based age.

However, a well-known late prehistoric site sequence in southern Ontario, Draper-Spang-Mantle, usually dated ~1450–1550, yields much later radiocarbon-based dates of ~1530–1615.

The revised time frame dramatically rewrites 16th-century contact-era history in this region.

Key processes of violent conflict, community coalescence, and the introduction of European goods all happened much later and more rapidly than previously assumed.

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Although the dates of manufacture and shipment of certain goods can be identified using European documentary records, associated archeological frameworks are based on the assumption that trade goods were distributed in a distance- and time-transgressive manner.

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