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Take the poll – then click “read more” to add your comment and join the debate! We’re asked by the Special Education Director to modify lessons and tests to accommodate some low performing students.We care about the kids and go the extra mile for those who have special needs. Because their homes do not support homework completion, we have to modify tests to accommodate them. We want our kids to achieve and have good work habits.The purpose of testing is to find out what the child has learned.Suppose a child studying history has dysgraphia (learning disability in writing).Accessibility and Disability Service coordinates services that ensure equal access to University of Maryland College Park programs for individuals with disabilities.The ADS is located in 0106 Shoemaker Bldg and can be reached at 301-314-7682 or https://Read more as teachers debate accommodations for students.Pete & Pam Wright and Advocate Pat Howey join the discussion.

I often deliver this analogy that I have heard used so often: If a child has a visual impairment, would we deny him glasses to help his vision?

The guide includes nine major sections: Introduction; Statutory and Regulatory Requirements; Making a Meal Modification; Reimbursement for Modified Meals; Meal Modifications and Substitutions; Meal Service Accommodations; Procedural Safeguards and Training; Non-Disability Situations; and Appendices.

Stanford University is committed to supporting a diverse community that includes students with disabilities, and to meeting its obligations to such students under the law.

Glasses or contacts are an accommodation used by many people.

It would not be reasonable to say that if a person was denied glasses or contacts, they would just “learn” how to see without that support.

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They allow us to be productive and to concentrate on our actual work product instead of on the work process.

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