Accomodating vs stubborn personality

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Accomodating vs stubborn personality

Alfred Adler Alfred Adler was an Austrian psychologist who believed personality was not only developed due to internal processes but external processes.

Motivators can help those who are more stubborn or fact-focused think outside the box to find new solutions to problems.The Superego acts as the moral police, and demands that we act in a moral and socially appropriate manner, no matter the circumstance. The Ego works as the executive of the psyche, striving to find a balance between the Id's hedonism and the Superego's moralism.Freud also believed that personalities were influenced by material held in the unconscious.The Id works on the pleasure principle - it seeks to avoid pain and increase pleasure at any cost.It drives us to search for food when hungry, rest when tired, and other basic impulses that ensure our survival.

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For example, the oldest child may have leadership capabilities, the youngest child is often overindulged and the middle child may feel squeezed-out or ignored.