Adult dating in wood south dakota

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Adult dating in wood south dakota

She is now back with her boyfriend, kissing him with the lips she pleased me with, and he knows nothing.

I am unable to get into contact with her boyfriend, so joshua, if you see this, i am so sorry about everything.

She’s a miserable bar slore that screws anything with a d***.

Breaks up families and relationships and doesn’t even skip a beat. Taylor Davis-Bohr will literally have sex with anything with a [email protected]#k then complain that men don’t care about her.

Other stories people told me is that she takes advantage of drunk guys at parties and she’s supposed to be in love with her son’s dad, who’s locked up in jail.

I’ve been with my son’s dad for seven years and it was ruined because he thought he could go get drunk and bring this woman to my house and have the audacity to have sex in MY bed.

I’ve NEVER felt so disgusted in my life or thought anything like this would happen to me. I want EVERYONE to know what a HOMEWRECKER you are and how bad you broke my heart wrecking my seven year relationship with my high school sweetheart.

We would talk about how we would be together forever, and how her and i would take on the world together. Then i saw that she was still talking to the guy that “raped” her.

Well, this was all a lie, i didnt know that she was having alot of financial issues until i accidently saw her bank account, and i started to think something was up and approached her about it. She then asked for a couple thousand dollars so she could look for a place for us to live together. And they would talk about all the sex she would have with him, it was at this point that i confronted her about it and she said that she felt so bad for lying and cheating and that she would never do it to me.

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After a couple days of her talking about how sexy i was(which now i know i was only sexy for my money), she texted me and told me that her and her boyfriend had broken up, and that she wanted me to come over and lay some pipe. After a couple of months, i started to notice that she only wanted to hang out if i had money on me, and could buy her food, and other things.