Amibroker charts not updating

Posted by / 28-Sep-2020 19:20

Apply my code to the chart, In the chart’s Parameters select - “Only when visible” - “No” Minimize the chart Minimize the whole Ami Broker Start browsing the Net or watching “House of Cards” I can assure you, your chart is not in focus You will hear if your formula is executed or not …I did it about half an hour ago (my Ami Broker is minimized) and still can hear that: “This part of the code is executed every n seconds” …

I have read this: I have done this: To enable continuous screening, mark Auto-repeat (AR) Scan/Explore option and enter the repeat interval.

There are three areas of performance tuning: On Formula coding level Poor formula coding is the foremost reason of slow down.

People coming from "other" languages often do not realize the full potential of AFL array processing and code everything "old" style (i.e. Loops can be 10..50 times slower than equivalent array-based code.

When load factor is 100% Ami Broker is able to keep updating all charts in real-time (more frequently than 5 times per second) and maintain responsive and smooth user-interface.

With load factor of 200% AMi Broker is still able to keep updating all charts as frequenty as 2.5 times per second, but user interface reaction time may be impaired a bit. 200% is maximum value that allows more or less "normal" operation.

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Now if the value of the first operand is sufficient to determine the result of the operation, the second operand is not evaluated.