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Annable dating emily

But by the 80s, the age of hungry tabloid journalism made it difficult for stars to keep their romantic lives private.

The 80s “Growing Pains”: Towards the end of the show’s run, Kirk Cameron became a born-again Christian.

If a recent photo of the couple is anything to go by, their real-life relationship may have been concluded by the time tonight’s new episode starts. If they aren’t very good at acting and/or their breakup is especially acrimonious, that awkwardness will be obvious. We do not want to see real-life problems on our guilty pleasure fun show.When David and Ricky got married in real life, their wives joined them on the show.So we have plenty of weird on/off screen relationships here.After that, there’s a long dry spell for on/off-screen couples.Either we didn’t know they were hooking up in real life until long after the shows aired, or the actors on most of the shows were too busy doing drugs to hook up, or the male leads were secretly gay, or my knowledge of behind-the-scenes gossip decades before I was born just isn’t very good.

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