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Posted by / 24-Feb-2020 04:17

- Try this at the beginning of your procedure: Application.

By leaving the main window alone, and forcing other workbooks to become not visible, letting the code run, then bringing them back to visible, it stopped flickering.

I have tried right at the start and also when the workbook is being called but it makes no difference. I looked up the code I used and I see that I made the workbook visible so it must have opened hidden.

A new Excel Application instance is, by default, hidden. So, if setting its visible property to false hides it then there is some code somewhere that made it visible to begin with. I made it visible to keep the user entertained while the spreadsheet was formatting since it was only one sheet and it didn't take too long.

Hi all, I have inherited a Access database that exports data to Excel. It shaved over 2 mins off a 10.30min report and I will be trying the same on some of the larger reports.

It uses a combination of sql and VBA to produce the reports in Excel. I was very impressed when I came in this morning and saw all your responses.

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I am sure that the coding could be improved but you don't add any notes to explain in the code.Hello experts i have this macro (which calls macros in other workbooks) and the Application. Screen Updating=false is not working Here is my code: Application. Whereas previously the flickering caused by seeing the sheets as the code was working through has gone now it flickers between a blank excel sheet and my screen-saver. There were only 4 de-bugs - surprisingly few considering you had nothing to validate with I do appreciate the difficulty of your trying to this 'in the dark' and I would understand if you feel this is too constrained.Do you wonder if your IT business is truly profitable or if you should raise your prices?

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I have Word automation that can create thousands of documents and for those I obviously leave Word hidden.