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In modern times, particularly those not living in Palestine, the henna night remains traditional in customs, but is very similar to a bachelorette party; the bride's female friends and relatives join her in celebrating, which includes food, drinks, and a lot of dancing.

A women's group plays Arabic music, sometimes Islamic music, while everyone dances.

It was also a chance for the families to celebrate together before the wedding.

The groom's family would sahij or dance through the streets of the village until reaching the house of the bride.

Given the diversity of Arab people, most are Muslim and some Christian and other faiths.

The most common events that are held in the Muslim marriage include variations of the following: marriage proposal, engagement, henna, nikah, registration, reception, walima, and honeymoon.

They exchange rings, putting the rings on each other's right-hand ring finger they are very common This event usually occurs one or two days before the wedding day.

More than 40% of all marriages are endogamous and consanguineous in Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Yemen, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Sudan, Libya and Mauritania; and over 1 in 5 marriages in Egypt and Algeria.

In "Tulpa", the groom, along with his family members, asks the bride, with her family for her part, to her hand in marriage.

Families then formally recognize that the couple will be married.

In this exchange, the men on the groom's side make sure that the bride's family is satisfied with the party.

Male family members on the groom side also make sure to resolve any last minute issues before the wedding.

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The marriage process usually starts with meetings between the couple's families, and ends with the wedding's consummation (leilat al-dokhla).