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Arabia dating site sri lanka

It is very likely that further investigations will push back the Sri Lankan lower boundary to match that of South India.

Archaeological evidence for the beginnings of the Iron Age in Sri Lanka is found at Anuradhapura, where a large city–settlement was founded before 900 BCE.

Between 15, a substantial part of the island was under Portuguese rule.In 1972 Sri Lanka assumed the status of a Republic.A constitution was introduced in 1978 which made the Executive President the head of state.The earliest manifestation of this in Sri Lanka is radiocarbon-dated to c.1000–800 BCE at Anuradhapura and Aligala shelter in Sigiriya (Deraniyagala 199-29; Karunaratne and Adikari 19; Mogren 19; with the Anuradhapura dating corroborated by Coningham 1999).

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Balangoda Man probably created Horton Plains, in the central hills, by burning the trees in order to catch game.