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Still, the fact that only Chace Crawford and Taylor Momsen kept themselves from hooking up with any of their co-stars is a little insane.It's not as if there are that many people on the show.After all, that's what made the show so watchable too. We all know that Chace Crawford was perfectly cast as pretty, preppy Nate Archibald, but that was also the role that Ed Westwick initially read for. The show's creators liked him, but the studio thought he was a little too creepy to play Nate.As a result, Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage encouraged him to audition for Chuck Bass instead, and the rest is history.Their characters were also among the more long-term relationships, but in real life, Blake and Penn dated for three years before breaking up.Ever the professionals on set of the show, the two of them hid their breakup from the cast and crew for months.On-set romance is clearly a powerful bug since the members of the cast switched romantic partners almost as often as their characters did.Blake Lively and Penn Badgley had one of the more serious relationships of the between members of the show's cast.

There were rumors of affairs, as well as frequent breakups and makeups.

"I think Vanessa is one character they ruined," she told

"In the book, she’s kick-ass and has a shaved head and wears lots of black.

Chuck went on to become one of the show's most iconic characters.

In retrospect, Ed lucked out in getting to play the juicier of the two roles. For the most part, Cecily von Ziegesar was pleased with the changes that the show had made, but there was one fairly large exception.

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When everyone else found out they had broken up, they had been broken up for months.