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Definitely more exciting than any spring break I've ever had.

So we find ourselves with Olsen accessibility in the suburban normie heaven of Kohl’s.Below, check out which movie best corresponds with your sign. In this movie, the Olsen twins take on the roles of Melanie and Allyson Porter, twin sisters who get sent to Paris during spring break by their parents who think they need to gain perspective on life (sign me up for those parents, please).The dramatic story that ensues will undoubtedly appeal to an Aries’s sense of adventure; as Melanie and Allyson see all the sights of the city, they eventually find themselves in police custody — along with the cute Parisian boys they met on the trip.At its core, this is really a story about the end of the diffusion line and the “contemporary” market, which offered consumers clothing that was more expensive, and noticeably nicer, than fast fashion, with a design eye more attuned to luxury fashion.But now that fashion marketing, the collab phenomenon, and streetwear have made us believe that anything is luxury, the idea of paying hundreds of dollars for something that approximates the real thing seems pointless.

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Jane is a total overachiever aiming for a prestigious scholarship, while Roxy is a “rebel” who believes she’s destined for fame.

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