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Arg dating

Knox replied with information about Betrayed Mind1, who told him about the dangers and experiments that Tender is involved with (as also seen on Trust No More).Also included was a picture showing the chat system and part of the UI within Tender (including the latest message from Betrayed Mind1).A second article on Trust No More was posted by Manchuria which detailed that a cache of data had been uncovered under the label "Project Chimera".Also noted was that each of the files uncovered appeared to be related to the CEO of Tender - Malcolm Chandler.The Tender ARG is an official ARG produced by veteran puppetmasters Alice & Smith on behalf of Paradox interactive.

Players first found a clue to the spam message by searching Knox's liked tweets, which included one where Keralis hinted at some form of cipher which is designed to look like spam.Finally, the author of the article uncovered an image, but this image has no significance as of yet.Shortly thereafter, Knox tweeted the following message: Players noticed that several You Tubers and Twitch streamers started to have a random alphanumeric code appear in their video accompanied by a pink smoke.Players followed a link within the aforementioned article to the Tender Beta site where a registration page was found.Signing up for the beta with an email address resulted in a queue position number being assigned to the player.

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Around the same time, a number of prominent You Tubers began linking Knox J2019's account to their followers.