Askmen dating advice for women

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Askmen dating advice for women

However, my mum doesn't get paid to have me anymore from the government, and I know she wants me out of the house. I have a group of high school friends (who I am still friends with now) - as well as a group of friends I play pool with, and many connections with others. I have never felt socially inept or uncomfortable - I find it easy to talk to people.

Tensions are rising and I know I can't stay here for too much longer. I have struggled with anxiety and depression (diagnosed by a psychologist) for the past 2-3 years or so, but my mental health has greatly improved in the past 8-9 months.

After years of this cycle, I think it is about time I give up.

I truly wanted nothing more in my life than to get married and have kids.

But after heartbreak after heartbreak and constant disappointment, not to mention societal pressure of being single (I am South Asian), I want to stop looking for love and resign to fate.

If anyone here has ever felt this way or has any advise, I would appreciate it.

I fell like when people say "be yourself", it's not usually what they actually mean.

My friends I have now are deep down very lovely and caring - they are fun to be around and I love spending time with them.I get hit on a lot and have no trouble finding dates.But most of the time I end up either hurt or ghosted.Before I met him I had already arranged a summer internship back in my own country.But when we talked about it we agreed to keep seeing each ofher because we were having great times.

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We have been trying to plan a trip away for months and no one is trying as hard as me to organise.