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If ommitted, automatic migrations will be disabled.

Specifies the name of the directory that will contain migrations code files.

Specifies the directory to use for the app-domain that is used for running Migrations code such that the app-domain is able to find all required assemblies.

This is an advanced option that should only be needed if the solution contains several projects such that the assemblies needed for the context and configuration are not all referenced from either the project containing the context or the project containing the migrations.

Entity Framework Migrations are handled from the package manager console in Visual Studio.

The usage is shown in various tutorials, but I haven’t found a complete list of the commands available and their usage, so I created my own. Enables Migrations by scaffolding a migrations configuration class in the project.

-------------------------- EXAMPLE Update-Database -Target Migration Second # Update database to a migration named "Second" # This will apply migrations if the target hasn't been applied or roll back migrations # if it has -------------------------- EXAMPLE 3 -------------------------- C:\PSUpdate-Database -Script -Source Migration Second -Target Migration First # Generate a script to migrate the database from a specified start migration # named "Second" to a specified target migration named "First" -------------------------- EXAMPLE 5 -------------------------- C:\PSUpdate-Database -Script -Source Migration $Initial Database # Generate a script that can upgrade a database currently at any version to the latest version.

-------------------------- EXAMPLE 6 -------------------------- C:\PS. The command always runs any pending code-based migrations first.

If automatic migrations are disabled an error message is shown.If the target database was created by an initializer, an initial migration will be created (unless automatic migrations are enabled via the Enable Automatic Migrations parameter). If omitted, migrations will attempt to locate a single context type in the target project.Specifies whether automatic migrations will be enabled in the scaffolded migrations configuration.# This can be used to create an initial, empty migration to enable Migrations for an existing # database. Updates the database to the current model by applying pending migrations. Specifies the name of a particular migration to use as the update’s starting point.If ommitted, the last applied migration in the database will be used.

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Specifies the name of a particular migration to update the database to. Generate a SQL script rather than executing the pending changes directly.

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