Audrina dating ryan cabrera who is kelly rowland dating in 2016

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Audrina dating ryan cabrera

star and her former flame broke up again after just five months of dating.The two were famously linked back in 2010, dating while the first iteration of the MTV hit show aired.But as the party went on they got comfortable and affectionate.He grabbed her butt a couple of times while they were walking."Last week, a report stated that the former stars had rekindled their romance.Patridge and Bohan’s divorce was finalized in December 2018, according to , Patridge said, “Having Justin, or even just that kind of attention is always nice.It takes your mind off what you’re going through and kind of lightens the mood up because, even people going through breakups, sometimes it gets too heavy and dramatic and serious, so it’s nice to have someone to lighten up the mood and be flirty with sometimes.”She also teased what fans will see between her and Brescia on the show.reported that Audrina filed for divorce after an alleged domestic violence incident.

The reality TV star has got her hands full shooting the highly anticipated reboot, while dealing with aftermath of the restraining order granted against her ex-husband for emotional abuse and harassment.

Related: Audrina Is ‘Stressed’ Over Corey’s Bohan’s Reaction To ‘The Hills’ Reboot While we don’t know why Patridge and Cabrera decided to part ways this time around, we sure are curious!

Especially since the 33-year-old sounded happier than she’s been in a while when she and Ryan started dating again this year.

, which airs tonight on MTV, your girl Audrina Patridge is back and she'll be bringing the relationship drama, per usual.

In the trailer for episode one, Audrina is heard saying, "I love this city, but sometimes it doesn't love me." (A little foreshadowing of boyfriend drama to come, perhaps?

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) She then goes onto say, "It's hard enough going through a divorce, but it's harder everyone judging and knowing intimate details that you don't want everyone to know." She also reveals she hasn't seen ex-boyfriend Justin Bobby in "so long" before the trailer cuts to the clip of the two having dinner together. But wait—what's been going down in Audrina's love life since reported that Audrina and Nic were spotted vacationing in Cozumel, Mexico.