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Ayn rand dating website

But the Atlasphere also functions as a social network (with some 22,000 nondating profiles) in which members can contribute essays and articles.I asked Zader how someone who espouses a me-first philosophy can also maintain a loving relationship.The women there probably all look like Pamela Geller. You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.Seriously, you would expect it would be a laff riot up in there, with all sorts of incredibly selfish me-me-me stuff in the dating profiles, but actually, we have seen far more outrageously assholish profiles in general-purpose dating sites like OKCupid.

Useless Olds are supposed to be left on an ice floe!What can I offer such a lady in a love relationship? This means if I dislike the way she does things and I can show her a better way to do them, I'll patiently do so, provided she is willing to consider my suggestions... He sounds kind of sweet, in a horrible, obsessive, "I need to re-think the organization of my silverware drawer tonight" kind of way. Not a single "Must be superior to the common scum" or "Seeking a partner with whom I can fly above the herd" or "experience with thrill killing a plus" in there.Well, in essential terms, I'll respect her right to: 1. This means if I disagree with her and the issue is important enough to let her know what I think, I'll politely do so, provided she wants to know my views. So we suppose there is a lesson in here: When objectivists are trying to get laid, they aren't nearly as douchey as they are when they're posting blog comments.There are about 12,700 dating profiles on the Atlasphere, which Joshua Zader, 37, founded in 2003 after attending a few Rand-related conferences.“I realized that all the single people were using the conferences to search for another Ayn Rand fan they could fall in love with,” says Zader, who modeled the site after Match.com’s pay-to-view profile system.

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I really wanted to know personally on an intellectual level (if that's even possible) why and how the modern liberal thought (or didn't think).