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Every person knows there's a bond there, whether or not that person is in your life. I'm angry because she obviously wants to reach out and you'll see what happens with her and how we kind of develop, but that was something that's really interesting. It was so strange." Is it important to keep some tension between Andy and Sam in season three, because that's what the fans like? That's what I really love about a relationship - it's not like we're trying to create drama for the characters, that's what life is all about.

I actually thought I was in trouble and because he was like, 'You need to hold on here one second'. What do you mean you want to talk about their relationship and I'm crossing the border right now?

So we're getting to know each other, but it's a lot harder than we thought it was going to be and I'm not going to tell you what happens. This is the cool part about doing TV shows too, you get to know people more in their real life as real people too and you become a family.

Every year you come together, and the relationships get more entwined and difficult because there is already so much established. I was really excited for the fans except for one thing. ' I know I'm talking as if it's my own life, but I really took it that personally.

"I meet my mom after 14 years and in a very difficult way.

You obviously know the relationship with my father and last season he was getting sober and he makes an appearance this season too, but I haven't heard from my mom in 14 years. I didn't know where she'd gone and where she was living. That's something I can't relate to in my real life. He's nervous that I'm going to be really heartbroken.

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It's the strangest thing." Is there anything you struggle with? Any time I have to say real cop stuff, I can never remember my lines because it means nothing to me. That's why I can do this, because it's about relationships and how the job affects me as opposed to being a police officer.