Best high school dating places female psychology and dating

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Best high school dating places

Some school anime will help you relive your own past, while others can make you wish you lived through a different experience.

The crossover of genres can have endless possibilities for a school anime, and we love to see all the different options in this genre alone!

We’re all late sometimes, but for Chiyo, it’s an everyday struggle!

Fairly simple in its premise, Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro focuses on the main character trying to get to the school setting.

Chiyo’s life seems to be cursed with being late, as she runs into one situation after another that makes her route to school more difficult.

We wonder if Chiyo will ever be able to make it to class on time!

Makoto Naegi gets accepted into the prestigious Hope’s Peak Academy full of talented students, despite the fact that he is just an ordinary individual with a large amount of luck.

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Though we may not have the supernatural issues that these friends do, we can easily relate to some of their ongoing drama!