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Blackberry not updating unread marks

It has now been a little over a year since the Black Berry KEY2 was released.

At the time of its release, we noted in our review that it brought updated internals for better performance, enhancements to the camera, and a more comfortable keyboard over the KEYone it was replacing, but that was over a year ago. Like any smartphone that hits the market, the initial impressions and reviews never really tell the full story.

After all, if your primary communication device doesn't have the juice to let you communicate, it's not really of much use.

Now, for all that is great about the Black Berry KEY2 one year later, there are also a few things that are not so great.

The combined solution will help commercial fleets boost productivity, improve asset utilization, reduce costs and improve services to their customers.

Each Black Berry Radar device is rugged, and takes only minutes to install, giving business owners virtually instantaneous access to a secure cloud-based dashboard.

The solution includes everything necessary to start tracking mobile assets immediately including the device, cellular connectivity, dashboards, mapping, hosted cloud services and more.

With the addition of Black Berry Radar on the Geotab Marketplace, fleets will have the added capability of accessing near real-time data on the status of their trailers, chassis or containers.

In addition to location visibility, Radar also provides a range of sensor data such as route and mileage, temperature, humidity, door open/close and cargo load state, within a single user-interface in the My Geotab platform.

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After banging out a ton of emails, tweets and filling out plenty of Instagram captions, all while making use of the fantastic shortcuts and Speed Key, the KEY2 keyboard hardly shows any signs of wear, despite heavy use.