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Bnei baruch dating

I can tell about another commenter in The Unz Review (sorry, I still follow this web site), from the same ethnic group.

I just had a long, long discussion on medieval ritual murders and Kabbalah.

The good doctor argues that the cooling pipe system could not have allowed high pressure in the engine, so the thrust of the engine was smaller than in the specifications.

But the cooling power is directly proportional to the fuel pump power (the engine is cooled by circulating fuel before it is burned, so the fuel acts as the cooling liquid).

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We know from Luria’s words that medieval practical kabbalists sacrificed alive creatures.

Indeed, they had to do it for two reasons: the Torah tells, do not come to the face of God emptyhanded, so if a kabbalist wanted to raise a dead or make a Golem, both things that can be done only with God’s help, he had to make a sacrifice.

It seems that the commenter was studying Kabbalah, but the Bnei (yes, it seems to be Bnei, and not Bnai) Baruch Kabbalah. That is why Jesus commanded drinking his blood, though in his case is was symbolically, and he was sacrificed, not symbolically.

I have one Bnei Baruch book, bought it long ago and when I read it I said, what is this? Sacrifice and blood is needed for redemption, a kabbalistic concept, and in the Old Testament.

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But these, probably Jewish commenters, do not think so. Maybe they did not like that the authors of the paper I commented had given as the most probable European admixture in Ashkenazi Jews 60% and I stated it. Could it be that these commenters believe that certain DNA gives rights to a certain piece of land? But had I done some googling and found an unpublished post which states something I do not agree with, would I care to write to the author suggesting that he must have some hidden motives? OK, but I seem to get these Jewish commenters all the time.

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