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After a two-year hiatus from the Korean music industry, TVXQ made a triumphant return last week.

On January 12th, members Yunho and Changmin held a press conference to discuss the various issues surrounding their comeback.

During that difficult time, I would just grabbed a water bottle and ride around on the seven subway lines; sometimes I even went mountain climbing. In a way, those difficulties became a sort of ‘happiness’ – I was glad that it had occurred when I was younger, so that I could mature from it. Honestly, I didn’t have the time to harbor hate against anyone.

I’m not sure whether this path is right, but I do believe that everything will work out if we all try hard.”“They were all personal wounds, and the pain from my ‘leader’ role was greater, but not once did I ask anyone to ‘Listen to what I have to say.’ What’s already happened is too big for just the two of us to solve on our own. Once, I met a little kid and I asked him who his favorite singer or group was, and he replied that he liked SNSD.

Since they’re still not here, I figured that someone had to protect ‘TVXQ’ instead of just continuing to wait.

When I first read Junsu’s tweet, I thought, ‘He’s making a mistake.’ I can get over what he said about me, but to use the term ‘enemy’ against not only our staff, but to our seniors as well, was not right of him.

I hope they’ll begin promoting from the roots in representation of Korea.”Right when Yunho ‘killed the atmosphere’ by saying he didn’t have a girlfriend, Changmin piped in by revealing that he had broken up with his girlfriend 10 months ago.

When asked about the reason behind the break-up, he gave a bitter smile and replied that it was due to their international promotions.

His personality is the complete opposite of mine, so there were some conflicts, but I’ve become very affectionate towards him and have come to understand and accept who he is.”Yunho replied, “If I’m like fire, Changmin is like water. Our personalities began to mesh, and we’ve gotten a lot closer as a result. We’ve worked hard in preparing something that could stop people from looking at us with worried eyes, and to not disappoint ourselves as well.

We’ve come to understand each other like a married couple.”For two years and three months, I waited for those three friends.

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