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We know all there is to learn about this kid rapping sensation, OK not , but he’s been in the spotlight long enough for us to understand our way around a ‘Shad Moss'(that’s his name in the event you were wondering).But now we seem to other people to paint a picture of this celebrity and others are Bow Wow’s daughter and the other girls in his entire life. We’re here in order to make you believers however, not that it might take a great deal of effort believing that we’ve seen the images, the similarity and we’ve seen the play. Initially he refused, refused, denied that he had a girl, he went as far as to knock sites that carried news of his brand-new fatherhood status.There’s no uncertainty that Bow Wow’s kid is a cute kid and we hope that she grows away from all of the The star doesn’t have a spouse, so we chose to pull a listing of the girlfriends.Oh it is a lengthy one, the celebrity was rumored so far a small number of individuals and has also really dated a small number of girls within their day.Although it seems that these would be only rumors but it looks like Draya Michele can be called as the new Bow Wow girlfriend.Draya is an actress and it appears that she might be just a girl that is in the way and helps for him to forget the former Bow Wow girlfriend.Shai stays with her mum across the country and at times it is really hard for the star, he told Oprah, ‘ It’s so hard — I Skype with [Shai] and I just wish that I could just reach in there and grab her little self.’ Nevertheless, the star makes a lot of effort to make it work, this we know because social media tells us so.

So the story of the rapper and the new Bow Wow girlfriend begins like most of the stories among young people that are falling for each other it appears that they are partying a lot since he remained single once and for all and they have plenty of pictures posted on the internet together, so it is natural that people talk about them as a couple and that they are linked to one another.Y’all know everyone makes a big deal out of everything I do.I wanted to be 1st n let y’all know the real.’ All in all, he admitted that becoming a father changed him.But today we look to others to paint us a picture of the star and the others are Bow Wow’s daughter and the other women in his life. See also: Lil Wayne’s Teeth, Dreads, Baby Mamas And Girlfriend It’s hard to believe that Bow Wow has a five year old, considering the fact that not so long ago he was Lil Bow Wow to us.We are here to make you believers though, not that it would take a lot of effort considering that we have seen the pictures, the resemblance and we have witnessed the drama.

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Both were off to a rocky end if they had their infant in 2011 and it’s been fairly rough between them since then.