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I'm a Notre Dame girl and to that poster who stated reggie never did anything bad, that is wrong, he was involved in a scandal that was worthy of ESPN doing a piece on it, so he isn't a choir boy either. I HATE reggie Douche not because he's dating kim but because I HATE any player from USfunky C.The timing is just bad, and I am not a bitter woman by any means as I am in a fulfilling relationship with a black male.However I look to Essence as a magazine that provides positive images of black women and men, and when it comes to the relationship issue in February it would have been great to be able to turn to another positive black relationship.

“Yes, she has moved on emotionally with Kanye, but she can’t marry him, yet!That relationship is not a qualifier for black love.Now if the article was Swirl Love and Relationships then there would be a point in all of this.“Kim had pressured Reggie for a very long time to get married while they were together because she wanted to have a family with him.Reggie just thought that Kim placed too much of a priority on her fame and reality television though and he wanted none of it.

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” We’re sure Kim isn’t stressed over Reggie and his fake Kimmy Cakes.

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