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Let's start by looking at the feeling of falling in love: the intense rush, the loosening of boundaries, the sensual stimulation, the wilful submission.

It almost sounds like nothing a decent bottle of whisky wouldn't do.

“For an alcoholic,” my SLAA contact explains, “alcohol is not the problem, daily life is; the person feels uncomfortable already, there is an underlying inadequacy, depression, anxiety." As with any addiction, the addiction to love and sex serves as an escape from those intolerable aspects of reality.

Sexual promiscuity serves to hide an avoidance of intimacy.

According to America's National Council on Sexual Addiction Compulsivity, around eight per cent of all Americans can be classified as addicted to sex: that's 18-24 million people.SLAA argue that intimacy and sexual disorders are a starvation of true human connections.Creatures of pattern and habit as humans are, this deprivation becomes destructively addictive, but the addiction is just a symptom.I don't know the name of the contact I ultimately interviewed, I reached him through nameless channels, and he does not claim in any way to represent the organisation (in fact he doesn't even approve of me calling it a organisation, "It is simply," he explains, "a place for working the 12 steps")."In our meetings, addiction is comprehensively covered.

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Many media narratives would have us believe that, given our “isolating society”, sex and love addiction are growing disorders.