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This is particularly true in cases in which your credit won’t qualify for a good offer, as well as cases in which your balances are simply too high to transfer to a single card.In both situations, personal installment loans are often the next best option for saving on your credit card debt.These fees typically range from 3% to 5% of the total transferred balance, and these fees are usually included in the limits on the total amount you can transfer to a particular card.Most cards without balance transfer fees will also lack extra perks, like credit card rewards.All in all, the keys to successful credit card consolidation are fairly basic.You need to obtain a lower APR than you’re currently being charged, and you’ll likely need a single place to put all of the balances you need to consolidate.Read your cardholder agreement for specific details.

Completion of a balance transfer requested during application will require that you are both approved for that card and have an available credit line large enough to accommodate your transfer and any applicable fees.

Installment loans are called such because of the repayment method; you’ll repay your loan via a series of regular installments across the duration of your loan.

Because they’re meant to be used as longer-term financing, loans tend to have lower APRs than other financing methods.

And, when done successfully, consolidation can also provide a significantly lower interest rate, making that single payment much easier to afford.

Balance Transfer | Consolidation Loan | Tips for Consolidating Just as duct-taping your colander can make bailing out your boat that much easier, lowering — or, better yet, eliminating — your interest fees can make paying down your credit card debt more affordable.

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