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This marvelous box-office attraction made it necessary to run extra shows at the Roosevelt Theatre in Chicago. Regardless of political affiliations, we all have reason to be proud of Walker. It calls for a combination of ability, personal magnetism, courage and moral force that are rather rare. So this industry may be pardoned if it throws out its chest a bit, over the fact that the candidacy of a man who has arouses a remarkable wave of popular been a part of it, one of its 1 eaders, enthusiasm."The Prince of Broadway" which is a story of sporting life in New York, will bring to the screen many well known pugil- ists and other athletes of renown. In a Cottage Garden The World in Color Thundering Waters A Floral Feast Divertisement Wonder Book Wonder Book Wonder Book Nero's Jazz Band Why Sitting Bull Stood Up Columbus Discovers Whirm Balboa Discovers Hollywood Rip Without a Wink The James Boys' Sister ... He is at present handling the British Imperial Government film. Billings has been addded to the Warner Brothers' sales force * * * A. Pathe will have some new reels made in connection with their new serial, "Wild West." * # * C. Potter, formerly with Pathe in Des Moines, has joined the local Pathe Exchange as block salesman, succeeding Mr. The total paid patronage at the Montreal theatres during July was, therefore, 1,529,964, as compared with 1,155,085 during the month of July, 1924, these being the official statistics of the local tax department as announced.The cast includes, Alyce Mills, Frank Campeau, Alma Bennett, Freeman Wood, Dick Suther- land, James Jeffries, Tommy Ryan, and Bob Roper. "A Trip to Wembley." * * * OKLAHOMA CITY Miss Ruth A. Williams, Jr., of Oklahoma Indepen- dent Film Service Co., is making his maiden trip over Oklahoma on his tryout as a film seller. Moussa has left his office desk at War- ner Brothers' exchange to try his luck with W. Fielding, who has been made special salesman for two reel comedies. * * * ,000 ON IMPROVEMENTS FRESNO, Cal., August 28.— West Coast Theatres will spend ,000 on improving the White Theatres here. 28.— As an introductory feature for the fifth season of "Capitol En- tertainment" under the auspices of Famous Players Canadian Corporation, Toronto, in Canada, the company launched its "Scrip Book" plan on August 22.With the tax of a reel sustained by the Federal Court, hope of relief must lie in appeal to the United States Supreme Court, or in some new form of test action. Seider, president of the Motion Picture Theatre Owners of New Jersey, is chairman, Mr. Seider as follows : "I believe, with you, that fairness in the motion picture industry must begin with the buying and selling of pictures. Adams, and I have in mind for our Vital contract with the ex- hibitor. When Vital Exchanges was formed the short form equitable contract was one of the basic prin- ciples agreed upon between us. Hochreich has the full and hearty support of the Davis Distributing Division, Inc. "The contract is the foundation for square dealing in the buying, selling and booking of pictures.It is obvious that the industry as a whole could not stand up under such a burden as has been imposed by the Connecticut Act. The exchange- exhibitor contract must express, therefore, absolute fairness to both parties, and I feel that this is exactly what you have in mind, and it is also what my associates, J. VITAL EXCHANGES, one week old, has already estab- lished itself in the distribution field by inviting Joseph M. By your asking us to write "our own ticket" you manifest and give concrete evidence of the sincerity of ycur statement that it is your purpose to conduct the Vital Exchanges, Inc., on a 'live and let live' basis.This latter clause will have nothing to do with the so- called arbitration boards now in existence, but will cover the appointment of one man by each side and if these two cannot agree, a third man will be appointed by these two and both parties will be governed absolutely by the ruling of this committee."Thus, the Vital contract, which means 'Live and let live' for both exhibitors and exchange, will become a real bond of re- liance and friendship." Joseph M. El- liott, general manager of the independents, pledged his association to appoint a confer- ence committee not later than July It).

Seider, chairman of the Arbitration and Contract Committee of the Motion Picture Theatre Owners of America, to write a new distributor-exhibitor contract to be used by Vital Exchanges and exhibitors taking its service. The "uniform contract" has been in use for three years and while in many cases it functions properlv it has furnished more cases for the F 1. As outlined to me, this con- tract will all be printed on one side of the sheet. The main points covered will be the name of the picture, the play date and the price and arbitration clause.

Seider, and Oscar Neufeldt, chairman of the contract committee of the Independent Motion Picture Association of America, agreed upon August 24 as the date for conferences on a new equitable contract and arbitration system. August 29, 1925 Page 11 CHADWICK COMPLETES 7 ON NEW LIST Semon, Ray, Walsh and Theda Bara Represented in New Independent Productions Chadwick Pictures Corporation has com- pleted seven productions of the large pro- gram which has been announced for the coming season.

T^HIS meeting was a direct result of the Asbury Park convention of the New Jer- sey M. One production is now in work and two others will be started short- ly by the west coast studios of this corpora- tion.

It's a big job — one of the biggest jobs in this country.

r DOUGLAS J/oldwun~ flayer j Page 8 Exhibitors Trade Review C CHARLIE CHAPLIN in ''The Gold Rush" A United Artists Release C1B665911 AUG 25 1925 EXHIBITORS Vmde REVIEW 9he dusiness Taper of the Motion lecture Industry Editorial WORD comes over the telephone to the effect that his friends in the mo- tion picture business are opening cam- paign headquarters at 1600 Broadway, in behalf of the candidacy of Hon. Which designation is more in keeping with the motion picture industry's very real affection for the man who is going to be the next mayor of the world's lar- gest city.

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Scanned from the collections of The Library of Congress AUDIO-VISUAL CONSERVATION at The LIBRARY of CONGRESS Packard Campus for Audio Visual Conservation gov/avconservation IS In This Issue: The^Emhassy Theatre m II THOMAS NEIGH AN 'The Man Who (I Found Himself f Bp *? LASKY August 29, 1925 HIS ISSUE 8,037 Copies Price 20 Cents COMEDIES THAT WILL ADD -VITALITY TO ANY PROGRAM 52 RIOTS ISIBILITY it HEY FELLAS"! CHARLES DAVIS, II, President 218 West 42nd Street Released New York, N. Through VITAL EXCHANGES, INC except in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Ang Mes Published weekly by Exhibitors Review Publishing Corporation at 34 North Crystal Street, East Stroudsburg, Pa. 5, 1922, at postoffice at East Stroudsburg, Pa., under act of March 3 1879 EXTRA SHOW! Right now they are fairly busy trying to explain how it hap- pened that "The Gold Rush" promptly broke he Strand's house record and pro- vided an annoying problem for the traf- fic division of the police department.

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