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nn ' ,h ,orr *' nd ^' r V Allowing up meeting* ngshoreman VJ vear old f |s ,n r greater h e t w e e n Mr *' Churchill and allegedly the ftohremen while ,hl ’ on tty as troubles, he said 'E Clemons study to tutinnal reform, lie said he would propose a provision for parliament to empower the govto legislate by decree In ,tmg para d unable lo speak for pfdlliral fed- » the p •it Coin m hi i* . Taylor's Column f federal 5 °' Ne W Y ° rk U ”*** skin alxnut the ri/c of a five rent •*, ‘dinner Piece missing ftom the have of ,r Churchill, (.eneral the man's spine and two three ! Prentice, a *enovi sly for comrade he eneinv, and wounds, on regaining wireless roni Miiinhaliofi, Sgt. Eleven of the Pairhia'x patrol were wounded, and their radio was riddled by machine gun bullets. Newwas flown parking met Acs weie dmmig w Vatiqrmver. Peter was found sitting in be middle of Finnerty Road last week, aoaklng wet and frightened by the car* that kept paaalng He was found by two girls who were on wain the stable* and thev took him with them. R William* predieted the Duchess evpnmeet on January 8 at M pm In n of Mr lually would become the and Mrs F. would be get ernment i »v Kuropmn | Mayer said the assembly's ton to first duly after voting the hud- am ter * liment in tils profession." Opt Slovak quoted Mrs. l W# V* battalion com He said he w*« unable to Prp, W'*nt -elect would not re madder says the drive of the * ,n for the dinner, make nut any black and blue Communist led I'lrtminh hnilses becai'ise of Clemons' Oneral Eisenhower conferred • gainst French Unton forces in dark complexion with Dulles Tuetofa\r n \ hi* the Thai tribal country of north Clemons was taken to ho* Hotel Commodore headquarter* west Indo-Chlna has Just about pltal a Her his arrest. * DRAPERY REMNANTS ' L1Wl ^IIICCIC working nn SPECIAL HEAR! mm Bl Aeronautics Board ha« ordered I’niled Airlines to re ,, tm P immedlatelv the «a! apparently wt Vti an Instrum# ritv (larking Irt-IMg i M-uig listed city Im. There he was dried and fed and put In with Gmai He i* apparently content to remain fun Fir 1 all 760 Al coo ) rotf I beautifully while never falling to bring out the ps.vrhia- SPECIAL - 2 Cords World War.

TOO is i Parliament negligible ‘ "It called escort at Yar- Snowfall in said. largest of its kind In the world, Union." and that the parllnmenla nol solely a lumher company. man that Ills soil wounded ill gkltavagance cued by al "This is tiie highest cost per JVarkea vveie $db Vl O OOU spent Korea had hern fed a In of man uf any army, navy or air during Russian salmon In a Tokyo Ihe past year on travel force in the world," he said hospital. Cailij (Colonist Hero Receives City W »"OU'lw NEVLB WANT M'« f ACl A£A'N? 1 M Ilv Wiggily Story I ru le WPf STl Mow mil STHAMi K TOOTINl t VOdo CONOo CTt O AT L'N AP»l T»t» 'KOvl IMA* T i«l Pt OI’VT VI MO M*RL •U MOAT m On(v *ce moat wuo »ot ’»» 84 -T PA\. to- run away before Mr, Fox might reach him and do arifflg rib tickling Rib tickling was onr of Inc ways m which Mi Fox L’nrlp teased the rabbit uncle An oihei (hints lbs| Mr Fox did Wa.w iv twiddle l tide Wiggilyx cars Twiddling .* About naif way between and both, liny ross n L pulling *n«i shut/ or all Miree not very pii'H»ani for I'm'le Wiggily don't *o' da& r TURN ABOUND. D M OI/)H ial, with Fllh Flen LAURENCE OLIVIER Starring ( JL'NIUR “THE BLUE VEIL” ( .a* EATON'S— Hardware, loner Main — Ml A — Aif.r Ol A New Saury Comedy Prlnre Albert * Drelaer'a Popular z ceiling lie I union, galvani/f-d 100 ft dothesline. Commisaioner Bert Ticll of the FIRST HACK Football league Mid Talk 107 Tuatday that Baltimore fans Sabeon 111! going la In equipment, plus working capi exceeds 0,000,000. iht* did not Include investments In timber and land In B. If there are addition* to hos- new shipping that investment II Accidents at Listing horse* on army pay Ihe camp was "just an accounting matter." Mr. He gave the follower* of Charles de Gaulle the and not just the forest industry promise they had soyght on when it is looking for greater the European Army Trraty as taxation revenue*. John valley in ricil couple with two Idien huf wonderful treatment bv the fur a tralnl OK Brunswick cm nine VI 100 a yei wniibl York Company lustified it* be ground In an area Nettled have paid ST*fi in income and pm i'ii out of Ibf* trunk once since the days of Ihe I tilled armed services cost S irate that the government tiie 7. CMklld General Pearkes referred patrol wav dated irift, I . Sinclair Denied bv Premiet Canada." He added Causes "a ae- Hospital Area Sloi countries. * condition of their support for 'The profit* of this company • re sometimes discussed in terms lhal imply the profits are too large in he earned hy a treatv woum make it possible to lumber company." he said. "You 1 n-Vrp TTn’rrn rff In which he won In ritai \i nl Hi' saltii n c« i\n.,in vv a i Wioic ht-ie beca uf VLOfltl mark*! snow of the season to record his feelings on a car window. “for some time,'’ National Assembly as under a European political fed General Pearkes said Mr. the service* SERVIC E APPRECIATED and of rittapni Premier Mr. CARPET MATS Plain and patterned MATS made from fine quaiky Wilton and Axmlnster Approx. Korea with a i-ontingent in the *• "'-ad lh is 1 Reeve Casey and Councillors On itt AXtf York regular Uoidten and George Austin i-oni Michael Rotneia again deserve? Churchill Presidentelect after He dismissed the pilfering that was listed In the report as being regarded as normal there was no sense premier continued, "or if they have more patients, of anyone actually owning national properly," ha said. were named to a *pei fust nod for lu» line peiform miltee to »|*eed iriiluxtnallzalion a* Toddie l Vakilt. ciedlhlv silly ass who later KI N Kf ITs K\ lher on are no badly damaged that ex serving on the front "‘ir-rve repairs will lie have been |a-*u-i-ed wilh propa sabotaging the ft I first easily sound NKRUK. *s«*ine of Hie stars of last iilgbt X allow didn't come "im the stage. arranged and handled Hie lo|»nntch ligbiing and effects which served to III lenslfy the thrills and the realism. buy addition to the Uaue of ment would consult with prnv inwaste and extiavagaiue On- dal and munitipal governmentand the medical profession and Kial Pearkes said, the Con&ervathen bring rn a national I’arue which t- keeping taxes lives in J'arliamenl are a health program. C lilt KEN CASSEROLE * * * 4'j Place a lo 5- pound Anniversary to Greater Victoria chicken cut up in a casserole The ' Mr ami Mi* ft Shillltto. // V' i mil'll Esquimau Women * Institute *poon salt, '* teaspoon pepper.

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All the Currie report did was Thresh old straw." according in James Sinclair, newly appointed ,r ’ B All hope was a Landnnod for ihc crew fhc missing Vancouver lug Petrel when hit* of wreckage from Ihe vessel were found Wat week washed ashore near Cape Mudge tn the Campbell River area. the " n ,h " nh shoe's hoots ‘ m a “"l s, ( Pentlrtnn quoted Premier Ben “The arrh traitor of them all V”' “KTrrh Z™™'* Ml in the l r.s «•* was *'**** staged he rr reported at 9 o am C a m. For up to this lime, the fox had never caught the rabhli Mr Fox had fried, many llmet, lo ) of Kairi come I Nsti k«U ti i~i • b i n ^ 1 M] 1 r L J ~F or lor *ny other labhli, AH J Cvv Sy MAt ijj*. §S3 7, l O-“-au r 0 %o\ A Du h 0.4'rr Cs mil am P« B'and Pa, Ama IK) Ana Oi Ca 1%0O AP Con 1', j.i, 30*. i ’house from quilted rayon satin or corduroy in a wide range of colours. Crva'ai III Red Trajan Warn Trojan Warrwir 111 I *Chi* pent- Ninth Rate— Chit* Wm Time Trm War B-9l*I**l , Ke*nei(»J B* »2 *• *2 Ml Lucky Marlin 1UM Time . JAMIESON maid and her social secretary, also attended the 1911 rnrnna Mixs Ruth Mc Lean will be in the ion They had met King George who was appointed recently by and Queen Mary, as Duke and the Social Credit government parly.

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