Cats intemidating each other

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I am writing to receive advice on a very sensitive subject.

In September, I shattered both ankles and had surgery then 2 months in a rehab facility. Sudden Agression from my 6 month Old persian kitten.

In the spring, he seemed more perky watching the birds and squirrels, but the last 6 weeks it has … We have an Ocicat that's one year three months old and female.

My cats keeps on making noise every morning that I cannot enjoy my sleeping around 6AM - 9AM.I have an 8 yr old indoor male cat (neutered) who is always very affectionate with me in particular. My cat Stanley is having upper respiratory problems...We have had a kitten for just over 5 months (kitten … Cat has a urinary infection which isn't getting better My 15 year old female cat was diagnosed 11 days ago with a severe UTI. As of lately my cat Stanley has been having some issues.She has lost most of her teeth and her jaw is deteriorating, so she has difficulty eating. Feline distemper, how long does it stay in the home. :( I live in a third world country rife with it, and had taken him in as a feral kitten. Kitten struggling to walk, head tilted to one side. I have a kitten, unsure of age due to finding him on a highway; my guess is about 5-6 months of age. Whenever I do, they always run up and start eating.A couple weeks ago, I got a new dog and of course … But one of my cats took his time and when he got there, he didn't even …

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They arch and hiss at one another even though they are still separated. male cat dragging stray female cat around by neck There is a female cat that has no home that comes by to eat. I removed two ticks from one of the males but, he is showing symptoms that I don't understand. 6 month old kitten back twitching and pulling out hair on tail Hi there, My 6 month old oriental short hair kitten had a bout of constipation.