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Posted by / 05-Sep-2020 05:25

Research of online courses on mental healthcare has become active, as the importance of keeping good mental health has been widely recognized.

Keeping employees’ good mental health in companies has even been legislated recently in Japan.

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In recent years, mental health management of employees in companies has become increasingly important.

Therefore, we propose a self-mental healthcare course using chatbot (Chatbot course) on LINE, a SNS platform that is commonly used as a communication tool using a widely used smartphone terminal from the viewpoint of practicality and motivation.

The effects of stress reduction and motivation maintenance were acknowledged.In order to realize such means, firstly, Kamita et al.[1–3] started to have converted the SAT (structured association technique) counseling method [4] into a digital content and developed a self-guided mental healthcare system with wearing a VR (Virtual Reality) head-mounted display (HMD) and eventually obtained good stress relief evaluation.Mood Mint uses a system to provide point incentives for the token economy [13] as a method to encourage its use.Mindfulness stress reduction using meditation (MBSR) and mindfulness cognitive therapy (MBCT) are also increasingly used in research and psychological clinics in Europe and the United States [14, 15] and are widespread in Japan [16].

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As the number of psychotherapists is not enough, it is necessary for employees to be able to keep their mental wellness on their own.