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Diaphanous mists seem to have caught the sky color; and even the great red storehouses take a faint blue tint as they recede.

The horizon now has a greenish glow, Everywhere else the effect is that of looking through very light- blue glasses….

The phantom ship approaches him,—touches the curve of his glowing face, sails right athwart it! The whole great ship in full sail instantly makes an acute silhouette against the monstrous disk,—rests there in the very middle of the vermilion sun.

A cannon- shot suddenly shakes the heavy air: it is our farewell to the American shore;—we move.

Back floats the wharf, and becomes vapory with a bluish tinge.

The log, at every revolution, whines exactly like a little puppy;—one can hear it through all the roar fully forty feet away. Across the whole circle of the Day we have been steaming south. All about the falling sun, this gold-green light takes vast expansion. Right on the edge of the sea is a tall, gracious ship, sailing sunsetward.

Catching the vapory fire, she seems to become a phantom,—a ship of gold mist: all her spars and sails are luminous, and look like things seen in dreams.

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The sky does not deepen its hue to-day: it brightens it— the blue glows as if it were taking fire throughout.