Cheyenne tozzi dating mickey rourke

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Cheyenne tozzi dating mickey rourke

“We are still growing,” he noted in his acceptance speech, “and that means we may still expect to experi- ence growing pains as well as nu- merous ups and downs.

But I feel that with the cooperation of our new board here — and I happen to think it’s a great one that covers the entire field of recording — we should have some truly exciting activity.” Stressing the need for greater awareness of what the Academy can offer prospective members, O’Conner immediately appointed a new mem- bership committee with Phil Ramone and John Simon as co-chairmen, and Marian Mc Partland and Joe Newman as members.

E I DAYLIGHT SAVIN' TIME = 1 KEITH MERCURY I E Rumbalero Music, Inc. = i SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL 1 I ARTHUR CONLEY ATCO I = Prugressive Music, Inc. The firm has also expanded its staff with the addition of Glenn Elfman, who joined the operation to head the promotion-public relations segment for the firm’s new artists.

i I HARRY RAG S I THE KINKS REPRISE 1 E Noma Music Inc. In addition to the music operations, David-Eden Associates has its own modeling agency, Covermate, which has thus far been responsible for over 20 record album covers.

In the top photo, A1 Berman and Gy Leslie are shown receiving the Israel Bond award from Rita Chipkin on behalf of the Metropolitan Council of B’nai B’rith. The international cast is headed by Alan Bates who appeared in “Zorba The Greek.” AT THE SIGNING— Vicentico Val- dez (center) is flanked by Mike Lip- ton (left,) UA’s vice president in charge of marketing, and Lloyd Leip- zig, the label’s director of creative services.

In the center view, we see Jack Gilford, co-star of the “Cabaret” mainstemmer, accepting the 1967 Creative Achievement Award on behalf of Fred Ebb and John Kander, writers of the show (from the left, they are: Mrs. Widely known as a Latin- * American vocalist, Valdez has been signed to an exclusive, long-term f contract by United Artists. Zdmbetds LY/LYS-1001 LY/LYS-1002 LY/LYS-1003 LY/LYS-1004 Cash Box — July 8, 1967 35 J1 [email protected] Note; A Sound 1st Yr.

LISSA MORROW, Hollywood CIRCULATION— THERESA TORTOSA, Manager CHICAGO LEE BROOKS 29 E. WINQUIST Kaggeholmsvagen 48, Stockholm-Enskede, Sweden, Tel: 59-46 85 SPAIN FEDERICO HALPERN Sagasta 23, Apartado 4025, Madrid Tel: 257 0907—224 8600 AUSTRALIA RON TUDOR 8 Francis St., Heathmont, Victoria Tel: 870-5677 ARGENTINA MIGUEL SMIRNOFF Rafaela 3978, Buenos Aires, Tel: 69-1538 BRAZIL LUIS DE C. The first front of British stars came, it should be recalled, when the American pop sound was somewhat stale and lacking in the kind of fresh- ness and excitement that top spots on the Top 100 thrive on.

10019 (Phone: JUdson 6-2640) CABLE ADDRESS: CASHBOX, N. GEORGE ALBERT President and Publisher MARTY OSTROW Vice President LEON SCHUSTER Treasurer IRV LICHTMAN Editor in Chief EDITORIAL TOM Mc ENTEE Associate Editor ALLAN DALE DANIEL BOTTSTEIN JOHN KLEIN EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS MIKE MARTUCCI ANTHONY LANZETTA HEDDY ALBERT BERNIE BLAKE Director of Advertising ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES STAN SOIFER BILL STUPER HARVEY GELLER, Hollywood ART DIRECTOR— WOODY HARDING ED ADLUM General Manager COIN MACHINES & VENDING BEN JONES Assistant LEE BROOKS, Chicago, III. (Phone: (312) FI 6-7272) HOLLYWOOD HARVEY GELLER 6290 Sunset Blvd. 90028 (Phone: (213) 465-2129) EUROPEAN DIRECTOR NEVILLE MARTEN ENGLAND NEVILLE MARTEN Dorris Land 9a New Bond St., London, Wl, England Tel: 01-493-2868 ITALY MARIO PANVINI ROSATI Galleria Passarella 2 Milan (Italy) Tel: 790990 GERMANY MAL SONDOCK Josef Raps Strasse 1 Munich, Germany Tel: 326410 HOLLAND PAUL ACKET Thereslastraat 59-63 The Hague Tel: 837703 FRANCE CHRISTOPHE IZARD 24, Rue Octave Feuillet, Paris XVI Tel: 870-9358 BELGIUM MIMI SMITH 894, Chausse Romaine V/emmel (Brabant) Tel: 02- SCANDINAVIA SVEN G. The interesting aspect of this new invasion from England is that the wave of widely-accepted acts are not filling a vacuum, as did the older British names.

Complete Details On Czech Music Festival WINNING TEAM SIGNS LONG-TERM DEAL Int T Section Begins Pg. John Davidson “If You Can Put That in a Bottle” c/w“ln the Sunshine Days’i 442 io Where a startling Davidson departure produces a hit in the breaking. F., Tel: 24-65-57 CANADA JOHN MURPHY 87 North Hill St., Port Arthur, Ontario Tel: (807) 344 3526 JAPAN Adv. There is today a healthier balance be- tween hits from England and those coming from abroad, with, admittedly, the edge going to stateside successes.

i I A GIRL NAMED SANDOZ i I ERIC BURDON & ANIMALS MGM f E Slamlna Music, Inc. = I SHE BELIEVES IN ME S I SAMMY DAVIS, JR REPRISE S i Noma Music Inc. = = LOVE ME TENDER I I PERCY SLEDGE ATLANTIC I = Elvis Presley Music, Inc. i S LEE CROSS I I ARETHA FRANKLIN COLUMBIA | = Noma Music, Inc. David-Eden Moves To Larger Headquarters NEW YORK — Ronnie Eden and Jon David, who recently formed a music business complex under the banner of David-Eden Associates, have an- nounced the shifting of their offices to larger quarters. The two will concentrate their efforts on building a new talent roster for their indie production firm.

i I THREE LITTLE FISHES i i MITCH RYDER i I & DETROIT WHEELS NEW VOICE I E Anne-Rachel Music, Inc. = = WHAT AM I LIVING FOR E I PERCY SLEDGE ATLANTIC I E Progressive Music Pub. E i BAb IT'S YOU = I GARY AND THE HORNETS SMASH I i Dolfl Music, Inc. The new head- quarters will be located in a five-story town house at 46 W. Bou- tique Records, and have thus far signed the Boy Watchers, Pat Casino, Lee Darnell, the Moving Violations, who have just completed a stint at Harlow’s, and the Ground Floor People, whose “Treat Me Better” is reportedly set for release on Mercury.

He covers radio stations, one-stops in the Philly, New York, Hartford and Boston areas. “King Of Hearts” was directed by Philippe De Broca and distributed by Lopert Pictures Corporation.

B’NAI B’RITH BLOWOUT — The Music and Performing Arts Lodge of B’nai B’rith held its third annual dinner dance June 11th, at the Americana Hotel in New York. Music was composed and conducted by Georges Delerue who composed the score the “Viva Maria,” the Brigitte Bardot- Jeanne Moreau starrer of about a year ago.

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Reflecting the feelings of the majority members of the board, O’Conner suggested to the new committee that it make a special effort to enroll “those who are making today’s sounds. | I THE ABERBACH GROUP I E 1619 Broadway, New York, N. I rliiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiititfiin Ninniiiiiiiii Minniiiiniinii Miiiniiiiitiiiiiiiiniiniitiiniiiiir 34 ASCAP Fetes Rodgers On 65th Birthday NEW YORK — Thirty-nine stage scores, 1 play, 9 film scores, 3 TV scores and one ballet score later, Richard Rodgers was given a Happy 65th Birthday party on the stage of the Alvin Theatre in New York last week (28).

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