Chinese dating white guy

Posted by / 28-Jun-2020 10:44

Even the poorest of us will at least have a classy home in the Western city of choice whether it's Paris, London, Melbourne, New York or Vancouver.

At the top of the spectrum, dating a Chinese guy sometimes means flying in their family's private jet or sailing in their mega yachts.

The term “easy girl” is pervasive on the Chinese internet, and can often be found in the comments section of stories or videos involving interracial relationships.

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The brunette with sparkling blue eyes beneath long eyelashes could pass for any American exchange student.

Never mind that the BBC video in question is actually titled “How Not To Date A Chinese Girl,” and is a satirical take on, well, what white men should not do if they want to date a Chinese girl.

Most people are at least superficially aware of the stereotypes associated with Chinese men and women.

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It sometimes feels like the fact that an interracial relationship can exist at all is a reason for anger.