Christian dating without marriage

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Christian dating without marriage

Protestants consider it to be sacred, holy, and central to the community of faith.

Catholics and Eastern Orthodox Christians consider marriage a Sacrament.

The basic elements of a marriage are: (1) the parties' legal ability to marry each other, (2) mutual consent of the parties, and (3) a marriage contract as required by law.

Christians today hold three competing views as to what is the biblically-ordained relationship between husband and wife.

God is the eternal Father and the eternal Son, the Holy Spirit is also addressed as 'He,' and Jesus Christ is a male".

They consider the husband-father to be 'sovereign' over his household—the family leader, provider, and protector.

At bottom is probably to be seen the perennial tension between freedom and order....

What mattered to (Paul) was 'a new creation', which instructs wives to subordinate themselves to their husbands.

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The Staggs write that there is some suggestion in scripture that because Paul had taught that they had newly found freedom "in Christ", wives, children, and slaves were taking improper advantage of the Haustafel both in the home and the church.