Christmas dating sim

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Christmas dating sim

It is very rejuvenating in a sense, and I think it provides me a good start for the year 2010.Metaphorically speaking I was throwing rocks out of my backpack all the time in the past year, so it is now a lot easier on my shoulders and has space to keep new, more useful things in.:3 Even in humans, imperfections tend to end up as the most charming points in a thing, don’t they? I got to the school I applied to, so all the stressing is officially over now until autumn, yay! The first one of those that has really inspired me, so the project is lucky, it might actually get done some day.As for the 5k pic, I’ve grown to dislike it so much that I don’t know whether or not I should try to finish it in the first place. is one of the few visual novels that I’ve heard wasn’t much better as a VN than it is as anime.

It’s actually almost done, but I’ll have to check that I haven’t forgotten anything… I’m sorry for not posting that much lately – somehow, it feels like I haven’t got much time, even on my holiday.I learnt a lot from these two projects, especially in terms of creative teamwork, which I hadn’t really done before.All I seem to have made is art, which might make it look like I have been writing very little this year, but in fact this is not the case – I think I have been writing more than ever, with a burning inspiration.On a personal level, I feel I matured a lot during the year.If I had to sum all things up, in my personal ’09 was mostly a year of farewells. I feel those were things that needed to be done and sometimes leaving one thing behind can open you to new possibilities.

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Now that the year has changed everywhere around the globe, I thought I would write a little post on 2009.

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