Code ethics doctors dating patients

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Code ethics doctors dating patients

The case gets stranger when another woman named Lucy shows up to get her pain meds, but she can’t because her ID was stolen and the pharmacy says her prescription was filled too recently.

We learn later that the first Lucy was uninsured and had stolen someone else’s health insurance identity card to get the medications that she could not afford.

This show does not hide its main theme, that the drive for excess profit and wealth has corrupted the medical system, and that idea is in full display here.

Chicago Med (Season 3; Episode 12): Pedophilia; Cherry-picking; ECMO; teenage pregnancy The theme of this episode is tough choices.

The teenager changes her mind against the surgery in part because of Murphy’s statement, but also because insurance says the operation is not medically necessary so will not be covered.Hunter and Bell tell Hawkins “We are not running a charity here.Treat her and street her.” Bell says they should call the other hospital and threaten to publicize the dumping if they do not take her back.In the case of dating a former patient, there is wisdom in having a considerable period of time after the fiduciary relationship has ended before exploring a romantic one.The Resident (Season 1; Episode 8): Patient Dumping A homeless woman wanders into the hospital lobby in the middle of a fundraising gala. We can see how the higher-ups view the patient when we see Bell pull a bottle of hand sanitizer from his pocket and use it after touching the new patient.

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After pulling some strings using personal connections, the insurance company changes its mind and agrees to cover 85% of the cost. After the surgery, Murphy is unable to wake her up, fearing she was braindead. However, the anesthesiologist posits that the girl has a rare condition where she does not break down the anesthetic. She does and although the nerves won’t be fully function for 3 months, the careful application of electricity to her face activates the muscles. In a third storyline, Kalu’s patient from a previous episode returns and he finds her attractive.