Credit card payment solutions for dating websites

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Credit card payment solutions for dating websites

In the Zero Fee Program you post signage stating that all consumers will now be paying a 3.99% Service Fee, however, for those paying with cash, the fee will be waived.We will automate your equipment so that this fee is automatically added for those customers using any method of payment other than cash (essentially credit cards).Our solutions work just like any other credit card processing service, the difference is that you, the merchant, get the full transaction for every sale and at the end of the month there are NO monthly processing fees anymore.It is as simple as that: A small 3.99% service fee is added to every transaction, which is paid directly by the customer.The additional 3.99% service charge is programmed into your terminal, hence there are no additional steps for you.A: Until recently, Visa and Master Card regulations made it clear merchants could not charge more to a consumer who used a credit card over other methods of payment.Many national, state, and local governments including the DMV, Secretary of State, Post Offices, Schools, Courts, and the IRS implement a Service Fee.A: In order to correctly implement a Zero Fee program, you don’t need to change any of your prices – you simply post signage (that we will provide) that states that all transactions now carry a 3.99% customer service charge.

It is a method of implementing a service fee to all customers, while giving a discount to those who pay with cash.As Mitchell Katz, spokesman for the Federal Trade Commission, said in May of 2011: The Dodd-Frank law prohibits a payment card network such as Visa “from inhibiting the ability of anyone to provide a discount for payment by cash, checks, debit cards, or credit cards,” said Katz.“Neither surcharging, nor a cash discount is illegal.” Is this a semantics argument?Therefore, your posted rates now become the rate for those who pay with cash.Those customers who pay with cash avoid the services fee and all others will see a line item added to their receipt.

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