Cyberbot sex chat

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Cyberbot sex chat

9/9/2006 PM: if u wanna come back here later we could too 9/9/2006 PM: i live alone 9/9/2006 PM: maybe but id have to figure out an excuse 9/9/2006 PM: its cool we can just hang at ur house i will leave way before 8am 9/9/2006 PM: yeah or i can call milo and get him to cover for me 9/9/2006 PM: who is milo 9/9/2006 PM: hes a dude who i cover for and he covers for me 9/9/2006 PM: but he thinks i do girls 9/9/2006 PM: lol 9/9/2006 PM: ahhh 9/9/2006 PM: so whats up ru gonna tell me how to get to ur place 9/9/2006 PM: oh yeah 9/9/2006 PM: i am sick of typing 9/9/2006 PM: u want to call me 9/9/2006 PM: you know (street Stinghouse was on)/ 9/9/2006 PM: 562 596-8983 9/9/2006 PM: want me to? 9/9/2006 PM: ok hang on 9/9/2006 PM: k 9/9/2006 PM: gona go down and call 9/9/2006 PM: k 9/9/2006 PM: someone just tried to call was that u 9/9/2006 PM: yeah Disclaimer: This information is made available for the purpose of informing the internet community, creating awareness for parents, and deterring individuals such as this.Our claims of "truth" with this file are limited to two areas, that the screen name in question had the conversation above, and that in files post-September 1st, 2003, that the phone number included in the file was used during the commission of this chatlog.

If someone starts to flirt with Cleverbot, they will also flirt. User: So if you type somehing wrong it doesnt mater. No, the robots on cleverbot are not real, they are actually just people, when you ask a question it automatically links to someone that is on cleverbot and then they answer the question, and you do the same.

There isn't a real cleverbot in our world, but there is one on the a cleverbot if you are bored. then it swaps you with a different person and it may leave you in a random converstaion that you don't remember starting you- do you like candy cleverbot- yes! Cleverbot does learn from other people so if someone says that they're in a relationship, then Cleverbot will also say that they are in a relationship. But this is all real people talking and randomly changing intervals. but some people say that cleverbot is actually controlled by someone but it is almost certainly not true.

This cleverbot is just progammed with a lot of answers. It says is a computer at the bottom But what it really is is you talking to a human somewhere around the world for about 4 texts/ messages. Clever Bot is a mix of people, everyone who goes on the site and talks to cleverbot basically contributes to the knowledge of cleverbot, the things it says to you are things people have said to it Cleverbot is a robot, but also is apart of everyone who has talked to cleverbot Dear Reader, Cleverbot can sometimes be very romantic, but most times Cleverbot just wants to chat with you. cleverbot is an AI programme that learns new things by talking to people so the more people there are talking to it the cleverer it gets.

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Such actions are not in the spirit of what is all about and would put your own personal safety at risk.

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9/9/2006 PM: mess around 9/9/2006 PM: lol 9/9/2006 PM: wuts that mean 9/9/2006 PM: have sex 9/9/2006 PM: ok 9/9/2006 PM: u ok with that 9/9/2006 PM: but i havent done a hella lot yet is that ok?

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