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Darksecrets webcam

To her, your father (figure) having sex with you was just something you did.

I was too young to know what happened at the time it was discovered, but I do remember my mom asking me if he had ever “touched me” and her being very concerned he might have hurt me.

Anyway, a few years later the parents were busted because apparently they owned another house a few streets away, (Less lavish) and they were running a brothel out of it with girls the same age as their daughters.

(Who were around 18 at this time and both in university). My grandma still denies the experiments that happened in Auschwitz (not the killing, but rather Mengele’s role in Auschwitz).

It’s an open secret that my friend’s uncle is actually the child of the grandmother and the cult leader.

As a kid I hung out with a dude who was part of a perfect family it seemed.

You would never guess, they look like they’ve had the easiest life. The darkest part is that her mom forgave him for filming her 15 year old daughter in the bath and on the toilet, told the daughter she would always put her husband first and arranged for her daughter to go and live with her nan. His parents didn’t even talk to him or look at him often.

My family seemed pretty perfect until my folks got divorced when I was thirteen.

You always had a strange inkling that something was off, but you just chalked it up to your middle school naivety.

Or maybe you went to high school with the most popular sisters from the most popular family in town.

Stepdad was pretty cool, according to 7 year old me. Come to find out, he’d been raping my friend for years.

It had been going on so long, had been so normalized to her, that she thought I was doing that with my dad, and our other friend was doing it with her dad.

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