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that we decided to keep our options open for the future.

This character was not reworked: we are shipping it exactly as it was used in the Adam demo.

Please note that we are releasing the Adam, Guard, and Lu Character Pack under a custom EULA, which does not allow commercial use.

We were so humbled by the strong response to our film, and so proud that people were asking for more…

We are not diligent in keeping them up to date, but we see many of you still find them useful.

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However, for this release we decided that the characters would be more useful to you, if we rework them with the more flexible humanoid rig – so we did.

We removed the additional rigs which were functional only outside of Unity, and made a small rigging tool which tries to replicate some of Adam’s shoulders functionality.

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.Instead, we deliver these internal tools to the relevant engine developers at Unity, with the purpose to inform how such tooling is addressed going forward.You may also want to check out the releases from our 2015 demo “The Blacksmith” (exterior, interior, characters, atmospheric scattering, hair shader, unique character shadows, wrinkle maps).I’ve seen WP installations which looked like an Internet Explorer ten years ago with 20 toolbars installed.😉 This version works with Word Press 3.3 and better. The developer/s doesn't seem to care at all as there are support threads all over the place that are really old and no replies.

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