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Dating a b c rich guitar

Numbers were devised for the factory, month of production, year, etc. First is the month code letter: MONTH CODE A = January C = February E = March F = April G - May H = June J = July K = August L = September M = October N = November P = December Next is the factory number. and was the 23rd guitar made for BC Rich that month. Thanks Read this entire thread, still have no idea what I have. Not all have a BC in front, in a lot of cases they just have a B then the serial number. HI ALL I HAVE AN NJ SERIES, MOCKINGBIRD, MADE IN JAPAN ON BOLT ON PLATE, BLACK, BRC INLAY R's ON MACHINEHEADS ALL STANDARD WITH SERIAL NUMBER R-836875 WITH ORIGINAL CARLSBRO STORE STICKER STILL ON BACK OF HEADSTOCK FROM NORWICH NORFOLK UK 1984-85 AN ARTICLE BY VINTAGE GUITAR MAG, SAYS IF IT HAS A SERIAL NUMBER BEGINNING WITH AN 'R' IT'S MADE IN JAPAN EITHER BY MASAN TARADA OR Ii DA. It's GORGEOUS and can't find another like it anywhere !!! I want to know the year of production and the producer. I have a blood red thru the neck BC RICH that has no serial number that I can find. Thanks I been looking for a replacement part and was asked for info including serial number so the guitar store could locate parts (bridge magnets). Would the number on the fretboard be the serial number or is it somewhere else on the guitar? I have a BC RICH WARLOCK BASS THAT HAS BEEN IN MY CLOSET 10 YRS, The stock in reverse & the serial is 11542. It seems no one knows anything about this guitar & I have know clue what to sell it for...! Any BC Rich guitar with an R in the front of its serial number is an Ed Roman fake. He purchased a couple of body blanks from BC Rich, copied them, then slapped the BC Rich name on them and his own serial number, then sold them as BC Rich guitars when they weren't officially licensed, manufactured, or endorsed by BC Rich.

In some cases the serial numbers are some what meaningless. BCRICH RICH Model: 52210674 The design is like the SSSBO signature model The head is the head of Warlock, and the body has the body of RICH. The headstock is inlayed with an "R" Any info would be appreciated. I have a guy wanting to sell a BC Rich warlock with the serial number M01075484. the original price tag (in the mid 90's) was 80~ I have no idea what it is actually worth and didn't pay even close to that for it.

It was made in 1992 being the 180th made that year hence forth the serial #C920180.

Whyguy, What you have is a CLASS AXE era gunslinger.

The u in the serial # is raised and smaller than the numbers. Rich models, both imported and usa handmades implement this same year time date stamp and guitar production number format: : : : 121XXXXX first digit = year of manufacture : : : second digit = means nothing until double-digit years get here again : : : third digit = quarter of manufacture : : : digits 4 thru 8 = production number : : : Current US-made B. Rich serial numbers follow the same year and guitar production number format. I would like to learn a little about it's history and maybe it's value Iam also interested in knowing about the little hole on the tail piece.

The import guitar models before November of 2000 have a serial number starting with the letter "F", the USA models do not. This is supposed to be an in between import and hand made U. I have a warlock with serial number C304215 does that mean it was the 4215th guitar made in 1930? Have a BCR Platinum Series (gunslinger or assassin - not sure) with 4-digit serial #(9671) on the neck plate. Email me a photo of the front and back if you can please.: : F7XXXXX (1997) : : F8XXXXX (1998) : : F9XXXXX(1999) : : F0XXXXX (2000) : : In November of 2000 B. Rich implemented a new date stamp format for serial number coding of it’s imported models. I just bought a bronze series warlock from a flea market and they told me its from the 80s, however I don't believe him, but for 50 bucks it was still a steal.

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BC Rich is the hardest guitar I have found to try to date.. but the serial # also seems to have an extra numerical digit totaling 6 instead of 5 digits, so...?