Dating a european man

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Dating a european man

It's fun to see how much they'll swallow: As long as I refer to Italy as "my homeland" and other Italians as "my people," they'll believe pretty much anything.

I don't know who most of the local statues are, so I tell the muffins they're all great artists and poets and lovers.

In Germany, which I am most familiar with (as far as Europe goes), if you were to show up at your date's house with flowers in your hand, everyone would think you're getting married. Haven't been there in some yeah, I didn't even get my first hj until I got my drivers license, which I got at 16 because I claimed residence in New Hampshire where my dad lives (driving age in Vermont is 18)friends were pretty jealous.

European Men Are So Much More Romantic Than American Men I just got back from a semester abroad in Europe, and let me tell you, it truly was the most magical, amazing experience of my entire life.

and if you're young enough to be still at home, meeting the parents…

and many of the other strange customs (a kiss on the doorstep) are virtually non-existent in Europe.

So, the American ritual of picking up your date (in a car) at her home…

The French countryside was like something out of a storybook, the Roman ruins were magnificent, and the men, well, European men are by far the most romantic in the world.

You American men all think you're so suave and sophisticated. European men make you look like the immature, inexperienced little children you are.

In fact, my Italian countrywomen could take me or leave me.

But that's just fine, because Rome gets loads of tourist traffic, and American co-eds traveling through Europe are without a doubt the easiest lays in the world. I'm not sure why, but there's something about the accent that opens a lot of doors.

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They know the places you can't find in any tourist guide.

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