Dating a polish man

Posted by / 03-Nov-2019 16:40

Dating a polish man

Like I said, these are all tongue in cheek reasons but some of them could have some truth in them.

Sure it happens but nobody can argue that it’s not even close when it comes to the numbers. The excitement of being with somebody from another culture.

Expats who come to Poland are usually highly-qualified and thought of as financially well off. The thought of raising bilingual children can be attractive to some women.

Maybe Polish men have a stereotype around the world of not being educated to a high level and rather have physical labor jobs when they move outside Poland?

They are seeing foreign-raised Poles that are returning home, much like I did, to scope out the scene and the opportunities.

More Poles than ever before are traveling and living abroad.

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Due to the strong influence of the Catholic Church, Polish men come from a country where traditional values strongly affect life.