Dating and child custudy virginia the dangers of dating

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I will list each of the ten factors for you here, and also include a brief description of the factor and what it means for Virginia moms facing custody cases.When the court analyzes a case based on this factor, it looks specifically at the child in question and considers her needs, both today and as she develops.You’ll have a very hard time demonstrating to the court that sum of these other relationships are sufficiently important to outweigh the importance of your child’s relationship with the other parent, but this is one factor that at least allows you to introduce some of this evidence.You may choose to have your parents or siblings testify in court about your extended family activities, family traditions, and their unique relationships with your child.Still, your role up until this point is relevant here, so you should be prepared to make the most of it.Organize your testimony so that you can present everything you’ve done quickly and efficiently (because the court won’t give you oodles of time to discuss every little detail) without sacrificing its importance.

If you’re concerned about the mental health of your child’s father, you should suggest an evaluation.For a breastfeeding baby, for example, overnights or weekend visits with dad may not be possible, but you’ll certainly want to acknowledge to the court that you understand and expect that visitation with the child’s father will increase as the child gets older and these types of visits become more appropriate.Most of the time, the age and physical condition of the parents aren’t real issues as long as both parents are capable of providing care for the child.You’ll want to discuss your child’s current condition, the care she needs, and the kind of care you expect her to continue to need as time goes on.If your child is healthy and doesn’t have any special needs, this factor will be relatively easy to address.

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Again, you should be able to articulate what you believe to be the current and future needs of your child, and how you plan to address those needs as the child’s custodian.

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