Dating and mating services adult games about dating

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Dating and mating services

It might arise through a series of mutations that cause their bearer to employ the alternative strategy or that allow their bearer to switch back and forth between mating strategies depending on the situation.

These little crustaceans sneak into the sponge commandeered as a love nest by a larger male and then dive bomb the mating couple, releasing a cloud of sperm at the critical moment.

The monopolizing strategy, however, has a major flaw.

It is vulnerable to cheaters — males who don't play by the strategic mate-guarding rules.

The sneaking male hides behind a rock, extends his mating arm to the female, and, if lucky, accomplishes his mission. Don't worry about me — I'm just a female octopus passing through") can work a bit too well: the researchers saw a guarding male set his sights on the sneaker male octopus passing though his territory and try to mate with "her." Why would a male change his stripes (literally), sneak around, and risk the unwelcome amorous advances of another male? All this guarding, aggression, repeat mating, and sneaking can be traced to one factor: paternity — who gets more genes into the next generation.

Sexual selection favors any gene, anatomical structure, or behavior — no matter how bizarre — that provides a reproductive advantage.

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And animals have evolved some doozies when it comes to sneaky mating behavior: Small dung beetles play the milkman calling at the back door.

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