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Dating culture in finland

An Iraqi last name appeared on Satu’s letterbox this autumn.

Satu and Shark have been dating for a year and a half.

They have not yet revealed their relationship to his family, who live in Kurdistan.

“Shark” was the mysterious international Master’s degree student who would not reveal his home country to Finnish Satu.

Gradually, his new friends found out that the young student of medicine had arrived to Finland from Kurdistan, Iraq.

When it was time for Başak to return home to Turkey but Sami’s exchange continued, a year filled with travelling began.

When Başak visited her boyfriend in Finland for the first time, she was greeted by almost half a metre of snow, over 20 minus degrees, and a warm sauna.

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Now, they have spent nearly five years in a Finnish apartment building with two turtles, and they have been married for almost four years.

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