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Dating description definitions

This document is a NOTE made available by the W3 Consortium for discussion only.This indicates no endorsement of its content, nor that the Consortium has, is, or will be allocating any resources to the issues addressed by the NOTE.This profile avoids the problem by expressing the year as four digits in all cases.This profile may be adopted by standards which require an unambiguous representation of dates and times.Its full reference number is ISO 8601 : 1988 (E), and its title is "Data elements and interchange formats - Information interchange - Representation of dates and times".A discussion of ISO 8601 has been written by Markus Kuhn.A time zone offset of "-hh:mm" indicates that the date/time uses a local time zone which is "hh" hours and "mm" minutes behind UTC.The following table describes the primitive types that are used in this specification.

Standards that reference this profile should specify one or more of these granularities.

Note: This is intended for when precisely observed times are required (typically system logs etc.), and not human-reported times - for those, use date or date Time (which can be as precise as A date, or partial date (e.g. just year or year month) as used in human communication. (This might be an integer, an un-prefixed OID, UUID or any other identifier pattern that meets these constraints.) All elements using these primitive types may have one or more of a value as described above, an internal identity (e.g. For an example, take an element of name "count" and type "integer".

just year or year month) as used in human communication. The format is YYYY, YYYY-MM, YYYY-MM-DD or YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss zz:zz, e.g. XML The value is represented in XML as an attribute named "value": For additional details, see the XML, JSON and Turtle format definitions.

The aim is to simplify the use of ISO 8601 in World Wide Web-related standards, and to avoid the need for the developers and users of these standards to obtain copies of ISO 8601 itself.

A particular problem with ISO 8601 is that it allows the century to be omitted from years, which is likely to cause trouble as we approach the year 2000.

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