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With the fulfillment of the one-year sentence that was substituted for the original death penalty, the squad reunites and gets back to work.

At a Neosapien installation on Earth, General Shiva is silently watching a broadcast of Amanda Connor's show when an officer informs him of an asteroid approaching Earth.

On the surface, Sean Napier stands outside a farmhouse watching the pods streak across the Illinois sky. Napier vents his usual anger toward the Exofleet, but Marsala interrupts him, saying that he hears something approaching.

He throws an old picture of Amanda Connor into the air, and the wind carries it away. The ground begins to shake and an enormous Neosapien land E-frame breaks through the trees.

Napier goes inside to find Tanaka, Hanley, Madison, and a new member named Diana watching The Amanda Show and issuing complaints about collaborators like her. E-frames emerge from the river and Typhonus himself comes flying over the treetops.

Napier interrupts the conversation and tells them that it's time to get back to work. and Marsala exit their pods and come to assist Alec, whose hatch is trapped shut by the pod. Napier quickly summons help from Jinx, who takes off in his E-frame a few kilometers away and heads for Napier's position. crouches down and manages to kill one of the E-frames with his blaster rifle before running off.

When the computer prompts him to make another request, he wistfully replies, " a genius." On a precipice in sight of the control center, Marsh and Napier plan out a diversionary attack by the Resistance while the Exofleet pilots make the real strike on the center.

The two return to a clearing in the forest where the others and their E-frames are waiting to begin their attack. about having to lie to Napier about the mission, saying that the possibility of a Neosapien agent justified his actions.

He explains about the new GRAF Shield and tells the group, "The Exofleet will never be able to retake the Earth from the Neosapiens as long as that shield is operational." Their mission, he says, is to destroy the shield's main control center.

Minister of War Typhonus enters and reports that his agents have discovered a planned rendezvous between Exofleet forces and the Resistance.

Shiva briefly muses on whether the destroyed exofighter could have been carrying the Exofleet forces in question, and then asks himself if the fighter itself could have been a decoy.

Back in the barn outside Phaeton City, Napier and Marsh discuss the night's events and the Neosapien ambush.

Marsh suggests the presence of a collaborator within the Resistance's ranks, but Napier dismisses this offhandedly, proceeding to complain about Marsala's presence on the mission.

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At the GRAF Shield control center, Xenobius is staying up late trying to get the GRAF Shield working properly.