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Unfortunately, what wasn't so planned out was how Jack would get there."The End" leaves us with five seasons of dangling plot threads that don't add up to much.Fallaciously assuming the contrary is exactly the basis on which Lindelof and Cuse attempt to rest their defense.It's helpful here to consider Noam Chomsky's distinction between a problem and a mystery.

It wasn't their job to spoon-feed us all the solutions to the narrative riddles they'd created.

The former is a question to which we have a reasonable expectation of an answer somewhere down the road (e.g., who killed Sally?

), whereas the latter exceeds all current constraints on our thinking, inviting speculation and/or faith (e.g., why is there something rather than nothing? Fiction isn't scientific experimentation, so a writer can, of course, play about with what's a narrative problem or mystery.

In the words of French philosopher Ferdinand de Saussure, “ South Asia is the most populous and densely populated region in the planet's most populous continent.

Not surprisingly, therefore, it's home to many culturally rich nationalities who still struggle in the post-Colonial world for recognition, equality and self-determination.

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Obviously, the creators didn't consider wrapping that up as crass demystification.

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