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He attempted to guilt and pressure her by saying this may be his last chance to have a baby and she was taking that from him (he was in his early thirties), saying she was “killing his child,” the texts show.

He called her a “bitch” and an “asshole” and repeatedly asked her why she couldn’t just have the baby and let him keep it.“I’m not a fucking breeder,” she recalls telling him.

A fetus cannot survive outside of the womb at 21 weeks, but Arkansas has a ban on abortion after 22 weeks from a patient’s last period, and the clinic doesn’t perform abortions after 21 weeks from a patient’s last period (which it estimates to be 19 weeks from conception).

A., who asked that her name not be used because she hadn’t told any of her friends or family she was pregnant, had been trying to get an abortion since she was six weeks pregnant.

Sometimes it got so bad that she considered calling 911, but she didn’t want to have to pay the hospital bills. When she was six weeks pregnant, he drove her to her first appointment at Little Rock Family Planning Services, where the clinic workers confirmed the pregnancy, told her her options, read the state-mandated script about the risks of abortion and of continuing the pregnancy, and made a follow-up appointment after the mandatory 48-hour waiting period.

He frequently called her drunk, late into the night, until she picked up.

She wanted to keep the pregnancy a secret, but he told many people around town, painting her as heartless.

She felt like she was walking around with a scarlet letter around her neck.

She was good at what she was studying, knew what she wanted to do, and, for the first time, saw a clear path to do it.

But she had immense debt, including student loans, and the fees she had to pay to finish her degree were exorbitant.

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Sweat rolled down her forehead and tears clouded her eyes; she could barely see anything except the pavement in front of her.

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