Dating how to say no

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Dating how to say no

Here are a few basic steps she recommends to get you started: 1. To stay healthy, your body and mind require rest to rejuvenate, and if you don’t set limits, you won’t get it. Give control to others to ease your responsibilities: When you don’t trust others to be in charge or to get things accomplished, you wind up agreeing to and doing far more than your share of what someone else could be doing.Make a list of your yeses over the period of a week: If you are an inveterate yes person, the number will shock you. Pay attention to how you parcel out your time: When your time is well managed, you’ll keep some in reserve for what’s most important to you. Get your priorities straight: Who has first crack at you without you feeling burdened or anxious? Newman says our lack of ability to say “no” isn’t some kind of personal flaw we’re born with–saying “no” is a learned behavior.“As young children, the word ‘no’ is drummed out of us,” she says.“Saying ‘no’ to a superior is tricky because you want to keep in mind the goals you have set for yourself and the direction you want to go,” says Newman.

For example, if you’re overloaded with work already and your boss asks you to take on another client or project, say, “I am not sure I can do that and be attentive to my other clients.

Will our friends expel us from the group if we don’t accept every invite?

Will we hurt a sibling’s feelings if we don’t have time to help them?

“Most children seek their parents’ love and attention and come to realize that refusing what a parent asks or wants isn’t the way to get it.

Toddlers, for example, who say ‘no’ often are reprimanded or punished.

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